Investment Strategy

An investment program without “core principals” runs like a ship without a rudder. Seas may occasionally be calm, but a rudderless craft will drift into treacherous waters. For more than 20 years Waddell & Associates has navigated clients to compounding returns.

For more than 20 years Waddell & Associates has navigated clients to compounding returns by staying true to the following compass:

  • We own what our clients own
  • We prioritize liquidity
  • We seek transparency
  • We value simplicity
  • We balance asset management with risk management

These parameters allow us access to a wide range of investment opportunities, but restrain us from drifting outside the channel.

Our global macro-economic, geo-political and macro-market sensibilities inform our investment decision making process. We believe that worldwide information networks have blurred geographic boundaries. Money moves today with a click of the mouse. Our intent is to anticipate those movements and position the portfolio to benefit from them.

We receive no management fee compensation from any source other than our clients. Our investment selections are based on making the best decisions for you, not the most profitable decisions for us.

Clients appreciate the transparency, simplicity and integrity of our process. Contact us directly for return information.