Nashville – State of the Union 2016…”Finding Alpha!”

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To rise above the grounded markets, your net worth needs a flight plan. In today’s low return environment, market tailwinds have become unreliable. To reachh desired financial destinations, modern investors must therefore broaden the search for propulsion. Join us this year as we swith off the market autopilot, roll out the charts, and plot alternative routes to wealth creation.

Time: 05:30 PM

Location: The Rosewall

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Guest Speaker: Doug Ramsey, CFA, CMT Doug is the Chief Investment Officer of The Leuthold Group, LLC, and Portfolio Manager of the Leuthold Global Fund. Doug is an accomplished speaker and frequently appears on CNBC and other major financial media outlets. Contact Teresa Williams at 901.767.9187 or email m Gratuity-free valet parking available at main entrance
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