Waddell and Associates continues to grow. We are lead by the entrepreneurial spirit and direction of David S. Waddell and driven by the individual talents and gifts of our associates. Our associates exude competence and empathy. Degrees and accreditations required. Aggressive friendliness required. Personal motivation required. Team collaboration required. Client dedication required. Our work combines deep understanding of the financial markets, personal financial strategies, and a precise operation. Our hiring process will be thorough. W&A offers a terrific workplace, but it’s never been a job. Only those looking to weave their way into the story of our firm, our associates and our clients’ lives need apply. By the way… markets provide occasional doses of stress and anxiety. A healthy perspective and a sense of humor are welcome, as both will benefit you and your clients!

Does Waddell and Associates fit your career desires, experience and talent? If so, take a look at our current employment opportunities. If you don’t find a current post that describes you to a T, reach out anyway. We maintain a virtual bench should the need arise. Furthermore, for the right people, we are always hiring.

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